When access to clean, safe drinking water is interrupted – whether due to natural disaster, environmental accident, destruction of infrastructure, or any other factor – the availability of an effective, portable hydration alternative is paramount. And no other solution, including bottled water, offers the wealth of advantages of Aqua-Gard. It provides sustained, effective hydration at less than 50% of the weight of water. It’s absorbed by the body in a way that keeps cells hydrated for a longer period of time than water can. It’s sterile, resists microbial contamination, and is effective even in the most extreme environments. Around the world, this shelf-stable, ready-to-use hydrating gel can bring immediate relief to the victims of a tsunami, earthquake, flood or drought…to refugees fleeing from war-torn areas (or living in resettlement camps)…and to those whose water supply has been contaminated by hazardous chemicals. It’s also an ideal hydration option for firefighters, disaster relief personnel, embassy workers – in short, anyone faced with the potential of limited access to safe, clean water.

  • We firmly believe that in numerous arenas worldwide, Aqua-Gard will prove to be extremely valuable, providing a more effective physiological hydration solution than water.
  • Aqua-Gard can be used as a backup emergency hydration supply nationally and internationally at all embassy and other governmental buildings and installations.
  • Aqua-Gard will prove useful for victims in natural disasters such as droughts, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes.
  • Aqua-Gard will be instrumental for disaster planning and emergency relief.
  • Aqua-Gard will be vital in providing hydration to residents living in war-torn areas where infrastructure is destroyed, severely limiting access to clean water.
  • In the U.S. alone, there are thousands of environmental accidents each year, many of which lead to contaminated water supplies and a short or longer term interruption of clean safe-to-drink water supply. Aqua-Gard can effectively hydrate people until these problems are resolved.
  • Aqua-Gard is effective in desert conditions, maintaining hydration and minimizing heat stress more effectively
    than water.
  • Aqua-Gard will also prove useful for disaster relief personnel while working in disaster areas.
  • Aqua-Gard can be a valuable tool for firefighters that are exposed to extreme heat.
  • Aqua-Gard can be a valuable tool for industrial and agricultural workers that are exposed to extreme heat.
  • Aqua-Gard is an effective hydration solution anywhere there is an immediate need for emergency short or longer-term clean water supply.