Aqua-Gard gel packets are compact, sturdy and much lighter than water or other hydration options, so transporting the product in bulk is significantly less expensive. It’s easier to carry, and is less likely to be damaged when air-dropped. It is stable to temperatures of up to 150⁰F and can also be stored and maintained at refrigerated temperatures.

  • Aqua-Gard gel packets are compact and much lighter than water or other hydration options, providing a significant cost savings with all forms of transportation. Essentially allowing Aqua-Gard to pay for itself.
  • Aqua-Gard is especially ideal for carrying in pockets and backpacks, eliminating the bulkiness of carrying water.
  • Aqua-Gard will not break down in high heat temperatures up to approximately 65.6℃ (150℉) and can also be maintained at refrigerated temperatures, but not frozen, allowing for virtually unlimited transportation, storage and warehousing options. The product is best stored and transported at
    7.2℃ (45℉) to 29.4℃ (85℉).
  • Aqua-Gard packages will resist damage when air-dropped, unlike most other hydration options.
  • Aqua-Gard will be extremely valuable providing an individual hydration solution vs providing bulk containers that people compete for in desperate hydration situations and end up wasted.
  • Aqua Gard packets float when dropped in water.